Whenever and Whatever

I was sitting on my bed in  my room reading the Bible and I heard His voice whisper to me that He would use me for His purpose. I knew then that my life was marked by God, but what I did not understand was HOW it was marked.

I spent the next years of my Christianity attempting to bring about what God had spoken over me, and because I had formed the wrong idea of how God uses someone for his purposes I made many mistakes along the way.

My logic and human approach towards my destiny failed me and resulted in bringing many moments of frustration and confusion. In desperation, I cried out to the Lord and asked Him why I didn’t see my life being used the way I knew he wanted to use it, he led me to a verse that forever changed my life.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

I understood  then that God did want to send me and it wasn’t my job to send myself or  to formulate the perfect plan of action, but to instead open my heart to being sent whenever and to whatever just like Isaiah.

That was the day I stopped trying to be the God of my destiny and gave back complete control to the Lord of my life; Jesus. Since then, I have been on an incredible journey with the Lord guiding my every step.

Being sent by the Lord requieres us to be in tune with His voice. I have found many times with God, that his plans for my life were totally not what I expected.

Just recently, I finished a one year internship with my church. I thought naturally that the Lord would want me to re-apply but even so, I prayerfully sought the Lord for my next step, He made it clear that I was to go back into the market place through a word and a dream. It was a total left turn for me and I’ll admit I wrestled with it for a bit. I had already planned to be part of church ministry and grow into a staff position, but God had other plans. A few weeks later, It all became clear… My Pastor announced his 10 year vision for our church, I understood then my husband and I were to support the Kingdom financially.

Maybe today you find yourself frustrated like I was years ago, or maybe you find yourself back in the same unfulfilled cycle you keep falling back on when you lose patience and try and run in front of God.

Don’t be discouraged, God’s plan over your life is still true for you, he has not changed his mind.

Just like Isaiah, we each have a commission from God on our life and God wants to manifest it. Our part in God’s plan is not to know how or even formulate the plan but instead to be open to both the fulfillment of it and the road it will take to get there.

Today I want to encourage you to open up your heart to being used by God in HIS way and timeline. His plans are unimaginable for you, will you allow the creator of the Universe to also be the creator of your world?

<3 Ruby E. Dieguez

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  1. Ruby this is perfect. I remember feeling so imperfect, not useful. Like, why am I here? Use me? Yeah right!!! When I surrendered, it all changed. But as you said . You have to open your heart. Im less frustrated daily as I lift up my hands with joy n say. Here I am GOD what ever you need, I your girl. Ready to be used. Whether its cleaning a toilet or making a call. Im all in. Your writhing skills are anoited. You thru JESUS will touch the hearts of millions

    1. You have such an amazing calling on your life Lucy. I know that the Lord is magnifying His love and power through you. So honored to be doing life alongside you.

  2. Thank you for writing this! It’s so beautiful to see how God is using you through this blog to encourage and touch people. God is sovereign and supreme! Conference was amazing, but I was starting to feel overwhelmed by where to start. Love this Ruby <3

    1. Love you Sarah! Your open heart toward’s God’s purpose is what will keep you fluid and in tune with His voice. Keep seeking Him privately, I know He will use you in such a world changing way.

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